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Functional Property
Definition/Explanation of Property
Examples of Practical application
Factors affecting functional property
Crystallisation is the result of the cooling of a supersaturated solution (very concentrated) where solid crystals form. This occurs after substances separate from solutions or where a change from a liquid to a solid causes crystals. The result will occur only at very high concentration levels and is seen in the main in sucrose (and sometimes lactose and maltose. )
· Fudge
· Toffee
· Caramel
· Fondant
The size of crystal formation is dependent on these factors:
· the rate of the formation of nuclei i.e. the bases of crystal growth;

· the rate of growth of the crystals.

The rate of crystal growth can be affected by:

· The concentration of sugar in the solution.

· The concentration
of sucrose
(disaccharide which
increases rate of

· The temperature of the solution;

· Stirring the solution causes a grainy textured product as Crystallisation occurs too fast;
· Addition of additives such as fats, honey, corn syrup or cream of tartar also change the form of the product.